ITNAmerica Walk for Rides

Why Katherine Walks for Rides

In 2001, the first Walk for Rides raised funds for the original Independent Transportation Network® (ITN®) in Portland, Maine. Today, less than a decade later, ITNAmerica® is a growing network of ITN affiliates (currently 16) providing 24/7 arm-through-arm, door-through-door rides for thousands of seniors and visually impaired members across the nation. And now, nine years after the first 24-hour event, ITN founder and President, Katherine Freund, is once again embarking on a marathon, round-the-clock walk on June 18th and 19th in Portland, Maine, only this time, she is walking for ITNAmerica, to bring dignified transportation for seniors to every community in America.

By supporting Katherine's 24-hour walk, you'll be making a commitment to dignified transportation for seniors. And when you tell your friends and colleagues to do the same, you'll be helping to highlight a safe and sustainable transportation solution for older Americans.

About Katherine Freund

More than two decades ago, Katherine Freund's three-year old son was seriously injured when hit by a car driven by an 84-year old. Katherine had an unusual reaction. Instead of lashing out at the driver, she became angry at the system. Intuitively, she knew that crashes caused by older people were not the problem — they were the result of a transportation system that wasn't meeting the needs of an aging population. She was determined to change that.

Soon, as a graduate student in public policy, Katherine was focusing on and solving related problems of resources, logistics, technology, and policy. The result was the Independent Transportation Network®, established in 1995. By daring to imagine a day when all seniors and adults with visual impairment would have access to transportation when they wanted it, her vision grew to include ITNAmerica®, which launched in 2004. What began as one woman's mission had become a lesson in social entrepreneurship and a sustainable national solution to a growing problem.

Walk with Katherine

If you are interested in walking with Katherine, contact us for information.

Event Details


Noon June 18th to Noon June 19th, 2010


Portland, Maine
(Back Cove, along Baxter Boulevard)


Katherine begins training for this year's walk.

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