ITNAmerica Walk for Rides

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6296 Rivers Ave, Suite 303
North Charleston, SC 29406
Phone: (843)-225-2715

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Ways You Can Help...

Volunteers are the key to our Walk for Rides' success. There are many ways to help before, during, and after the event; please let us know your interests in the comment section to the left.

This Year We Need...

A wonderful group of caring volunteers are already signed-up for our Walk for Rides committee and we would love for you to join us! We are looking for additional Committee Members, Team Captains, Sponsors and Walkers. So please contact Jim Ledbetter or go to or join us on ITNCharlestonTrident's FaceBook or to find out more about how to help ITNCharlestonTrident fulfill its mission of providing dignified affordable rides for seniors over 60 and for adults with visual impairment!